About Me


Hi! I’m Miko Alicea.

I’m a writer, researcher, and historian.

I believe that learning about the past helps us better understand who we are today and who we will be in the future. I’d like to take you on a little trip. A journey through time to see how our knowledge, concepts, and perceptions about sex, sexuality, and gender have changed over time. We will see how non-linear our evolution can be. It’s more of a pendulum swing, an ebb and flow, from permissive to repressive and back again.

I have always loved looking back on history. I am an avid devourer of research and nothing pleases me more than to learn every detail of something. There is so much to learn about the past of every culture here on earth so much that can teach us about who we are now and where we’re going. I’ve always been fascinated with the myopic view of most people when it comes to what is “normal” or “always has been this way” when they look at the culture they are currently experiencing in their lifetime. Often they don’t realize how much we have fluctuated over many centuries much less over the distance between different cultures in the world. I’ve seen this often in my work as a sex educator.

I have spent the past six years writing and podcasting about sexuality from a historical, sociological and psychological perspective. I’ve also worked with historical museums and collections in the past as a docent, curator, lecturer and reenactor. I have presented sessions on sexuality, depression and motherhood at CatalystCon and Playground Conference. I’d like to teach others so they may learn about the history of sexuality and gender through the ages.

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